WonderSwan Color Pearl Blue Handheld Console (Japanese Import Video Game System)

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Brand: WonderSwan


  • Random Game and Batteries Included
  • 241 (at once) out of 4096 possible color Display
  • Vertical or Horizontal Screen Play when Rotated
  • Games Feature Amazing Crisp Colorful Graphics
  • Clear Blue Case ~ Only Released in Japan

Hardware Platform: WonderSwan Color

Platform: WonderSwan

Publisher: BANDAI

Details: Only released in Japan, the WonderSwan Color is slightly larger and heavier (7 mm and 2 g) compared to the original WonderSwan, the color versions feature 512KB of RAM and a larger color LCD screen. In addition, the WonderSwan Color is compatible with the original WonderSwan library of games and is designed to be played either vertically or horizontally. Games varied on this aspect, with a wide variety of games. Plus it runs on just one AA battery!

EAN: 4902425781129