WonderSwan Color Japan Console - Pearl Pink

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Brand: Bandai


  • LCD Reflection (non-backlit) TFT Color liquid crystal
  • Screen size 2.1 inch diagonal # CPU 3.072 MHz 16-bit # Memory 512K VRAM/WRAM (shared)
  • Battery Life AA batteries: 20 hours 1 Battery needed
  • Size 12.80 cm x 7.43 cm x 24.3 cm
  • CPU 3.072 MHz 16-bit Sound Speaker (mono) /Headphone (stereo)

Hardware Platform: Wonder Swan Color

Publisher: Bandai

Details: "Wonderswan!!! Wonderswan is small and suprisinly light yet does not feel that is poor quality. The buttons have a good click to them and the battery life is excellent. The excellent battery life however has a drawback, which is a screen with no backlight. This can often make it very difficult to see the screen . This can be rectified by getting the screen light. I have not yet been able to get one though. Unless you can speak japanese most of the games on the wonderswan will be no good as it most seem to be turn based hgames or writing intensive. Golden Axe is a good bet. All in all, if you like toys you still have to have one and at so cheap you need to be slapped with a kipper if one is not ordered."

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